Failure Phenomenon of High Pressure Wire Winding Hydraulic Hose

03. 07, 2023

(1) The appearance of the hydraulic hose is cracked

The main reason for the crack in the appearance of the hydraulic hose is that the hydraulic hose suffers from bending in cold conditions.


(2) Bulge on the surface of the hydraulic hose

The reason for the bulge on the surface of the hydraulic hose is that the quality of the hydraulic hose is not up to standard, or the wrong operation when working.


(3) The hydraulic hose is not cracked but a lot of oil leaks

hydraulic hose a lot of oil leakage but not found split, this is because the hydraulic hose according to the high pressure flow, the inner glue is abraded, abraded, until the large-scale leakage of stainless steel wire layer caused a lot of oil leakage.

What does high pressure wire winding hose application need to pay attention to

1. Hydraulic hose and high pressure hose assembly is only used to transport the customized raw materials, otherwise it will reduce the service life or invalid.

2. The standard use of hydraulic hose length, hydraulic hose under large pressure length changes (-4%-+2%) and mechanical equipment movement caused by the length of the change.

3. Hydraulic hose and high pressure hose assembly can not exceed the design task pressure working pressure (including impact pressure) application.

4. Hydraulic hose and high pressure hose assembly transportation of the material environment temperature is usually not more than -40℃-+120℃, otherwise it will reduce the service life.


منتوجات جديدة

  • SAE 100R1/DIN EN853 1SN

    SAE 100R1/DIN EN853 1SN

    SAE 100 R1 steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose is suitable for hydraulic lines and usual industrial systems. It can bear higher working pressure than other rubber hoses thanks to its high tensile braided steel wire reinforcement. It is composed of three parts: tube, reinforcement and cover.
  • SAE 100R2/DIN EN853 2SN

    SAE 100R2/DIN EN853 2SN

    SAE 100R2 Hydraulic Hose is made of oil-resistant tubing and is suitable for transporting petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. In addition, it can transport oil without excessive heat and leakage. It is mainly used for some mobile equipment, such as agricultural tractors, dump trucks and in-plant hydraulic equipment.
  • DIN EN856 4SP

    DIN EN856 4SP

    INNER TUBE: oil resistant synthetic rubber
    REINFORCEMENT: four spirals of high tensile steel wire
    COVER: abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber
    TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4℃ to +100℃







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